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Are you making the most of networking in your organisation? Efficient computer networks allows instant communication, efficient collaboration, and the economical shared use of resources such printers, scanners and fax machines.

If your company needs a new network or you feel you could benefit from upgrading or expanding your existing setup, contact Control Z today. We offer a full range of networking services carried out by Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers.

The Magic of Networking

Networking has transformed business over the past few decades allowing seamless integration between users in an office, different departments, nationwide subsidiaries and partners, and even internationally.

Other than allowing for fast and secure communications, networks also allow the many employees in an organisation to share common IT facilities such as high speed internet, network drives and printers.

Using routers, a single broadband connection can be shared among hundreds of users each allocated an IP address.

Network drives permit all users on the network (with sufficient security clearance) to access resources on a central hard drive or drives. These enables creative collaboration and ensures all the company’s data is stored in one central location.

Finally, the days when each computer had to be connected to its own printer are long gone. Nowadays printing is usually done over a network, often a wireless one. When an user prints a document, the process is put into a queue and executed as soon a free printer becomes available.

Getting the Most from your Networks

Installing network infrastructure is a major investment so you want to be sure you’re getting maximum value and use from your system. To do their job properly, networks have to be setup correctly at the start. That means using qualified staff with an understanding of both the technology and business objectives of networking.

Using firms such as Control Z means you get it right at the start with scalable systems. That way, when it comes to expansion or upgrade, you can do it easily.

Control Z also takes care of network security and ensures your data is always safe via regular backups.

To discuss all your networking needs, call Control Z on (08) 8132 0006. Based in the Adelaide CBD, we provide full IT services including networking services and support for small and medium business.

What we do

Control Z offers a wide range of IT services that enable businesses to run reliably and efficiently.  With years of experience behind us, Control Z is committed to ensuring Adelaide businesses receive the quality IT systems and computer support they deserve. Our experienced, certified technicians are ready to provide fast, professional IT support for all your needs.

IT Support in Adelaide

Have your problems solved quickly and efficiently by an expert team.

Cloud Services

Moving your business data to the cloud is a cost effective solution.

Server Solutions

Fastest possible access to your data and apps over your local network.

Business IT Strategy

Utilise our diverse and extensive knowledge of the industry.

Cloud IP Phones

Traditional phone lines are being disconnected due to NBN rollout.


With ever growing threats IT security is more important now than ever.

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