Virus Protection / Spyware Removal

Virus Protection and Spyware Removal Adelaide

Virus Protection and Spyware Removal Adelaide
Imagine turning on your computer system tomorrow and finding your customer order details, your plans and schedules for the year, and your payroll and personnel records had all vanished. Could your organisation still function? Probably not.

For many businesses today, their data is their most precious asset. The information stored on the servers – customer records, strategies and business plans, banking details, investment information, and so on, are worth far more than the hardware itself.

That’s why virus protection is so vital for business computer systems. Other than shutting down computers and warping configurations, viral attacks can cause the corruption and loss of precious data.

If you’re a small or medium South Australian business and want an effective way to avoid the devastation wrought by viruses, get in touch with Control Z. We can provide rock solid virus protection to ensure your data and operating systems are safe from attack from hooligans who enjoy ruining other people’s lives.

Spyware Removal

Computer viruses have been around for a long time but spyware only appeared when computers began to be linked together. With the growth of the internet, it soon became endemic. The term ‘spyware’ describes a malicious program that enters your computer through the network where it proceeds to cause considerable mischief.

If you’re lucky, the spyware will just redirect you to irrelevant websites when you’re surfing the web. However, these programs also have the potential to do far worse. They can transmit your sensitive information such as credit card details over the network and they can corrupt files and lock up your computer. The downtime and data loss can be devastating.

If you need spyware removal, contact Control Z immediately. Our Microsoft Certified technicians will swiftly act to remove viruses and spyware and restore your systems to full working order. Acting fast is the way to minimise the data loss and lost productivity. We can also put safeguards in place to keep rogue programs from entering your systems in the future.

Based in the Adelaide CBD, Control Z provides IT support including virus and spyware removal for small and medium business. Call us now on (08) 8132 0006.