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By 2015, the Internet will connect 2.5 billion people, and more than 15 billion devices. This is one of the many reasons why cloud IT services are vital in today’s computing world.

Operating “in the cloud” has become a common catch phrase these days, so understanding the importance and benefits of cloud computing has become integral to also understanding the way business is changing, and is likely to continue changing into the future. There are substantial benefits to cloud computing that can increase the productivity and improve the cash flow of any organisation.

Cloud computing is a term which is used for any type of computing work which is hosted online via the Internet. There are many different services which may be provided in the cloud. For example, websites may be hosted by a cloud server rather than maintaining an in-house IT staff and physical servers on the property in order to host your site. Many other computer-based technologies may be hosted within the cloud as well, including data, email, office tools, and communication software.

There are many benefits to cloud IT services and technologies:

Reduced Cost: Cloud computing can save a business from offering the same services in-house. There is the freedom from purchasing and maintaining costly hardware and additionally, cloud computing reduces staffing requirements for IT needs. Many tools which are available through the cloud can also assist in streamlining productivity.

Flexibility: Cloud computing can easily be tailored to the needs of any business, either to increase capacity or scale down. This is particularly beneficial for companies which have heavy seasonal traffic, as well as start up businesses which predict fast future growth.

Stability: Since former models for in-house IT operate according to the “break-it, fix-it” mentality, many businesses suffer from a lot of down time due to crisis management, necessary software or hardware upgrades, or other problems. Cloud computing provides much more consistent uptime, as any issues are handled externally and proactively.

Environmentally friendly: Businesses using cloud computing only use the server space they need, which decreases their carbon footprint. Using the cloud results in at least 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on-site servers.

Due to the extreme flexibility of cloud-based computing and IT services, many businesses are making the shift over to the cloud. There are very clear advantages in being able to reach core database information remotely, from any location, and by any authorized personnel.

So when asking the question, “what is cloud computing?” the answer is simple: Cloud computing is computing based on the Internet and it is the future. To discuss cloud computing and IT services in SA, contact Control Z today by calling (08) 8132 0006 or email us at [email protected].