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Most small businesses have technical support teams within their companies. These teams help ensure that the software and hardware being used work in peak condition. But there are also times when they are overworked or may not be able to handle specialised requirements for IT Support in Adelaide. This is where Control Z comes in the picture. We are one of the leading firms in the field and companies from different industries opt for our services.

We are the experts who handle software and hardware installation, maintenance and service and ensure that all the systems continue working the way they should. Customers know that with us handling the job, they have peace of mind and we handle large and small jobs to perfection.

All-Round Support

The aim is to provide customers with 100% customer satisfaction. We provide a range of IT Support in Adelaide services such as:

  • Comprehensive on-site repairs of all business PC’s
  • Configuring & installation of servers
  • Laptop repair and maintenance
  • PC repair and maintenance
  • Custom support packages
  • Fixed network support
  • Configuration of wireless networks
  • Installation of virus protection software
  • Removal of viruses & malware from systems
  • Cloud Services
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Other

Custom Solutions

Just as we provide custom solutions we also adopt a highly personalised approach to all our services. This is what sets us apart from the crowd. With the custom solutions we provide, you are always assured of expert and specialised services at very reasonable rates. This helps you keep a handle on costs. We always recommend that our customers opt for our maintenance services and other IT Support in Adelaide.

This ensures the systems provide trouble-free services. You will also find our customer service to be very friendly and prompt and when it comes to reliability, we are never falter. For a free IT-review, use this form. You can call Control Z at (08) 8132 0006.